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We use the world-wide experience and collect the best coffee roasting recipes for our own brand. Our LAZZARO WHITE line is created for all types of businesses. Each blend meets our customers' needs and wants. A balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta varieties gives our coffee a special, refined taste. We guarantee fresh roasting and constant quality of the product from batch to batch.
We strive to make this blend an absolute leader in every way possible. This blend has a rich, full-bodied flavor with fine notes of smoky nutmeg. Feel the scent of prune and noble persistent aftertaste of dark chocolate.
Enjoy the refined aroma of premium Arabica beans with piquant notes of spices. Lively taste of bitter whiskey with a fine flavor of caramelized sugar leaves the aftertaste of grapefruit and a feeling of comfortable confidence.
A fluffy cream with a distant hint of floral honey combined with a persistent, tangy aroma of cinnamon. The perfect balance of coffee varieties gives a rich but mellow flavor of dark chocolate with notes of grapefruit and raw almonds.
A fast-paced life imposes its own rules. Today, increasingly more people get their coffee to go, and we are no different. We offer you our vision of coffee for takeout. Dense and aromatic, honey-colored foam fills you up with energy and the rich taste of baked rye bread and lemon peel quenches your thirst and gives confidence that makes your day.
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