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Our Production Line
DISCAF is the biggest coffee manufacturer in Ukraine.

Modern and well-equipped production line allows us to produce high quality products. Automatic machines accurately control the roast level which lets our customers enjoy the refined taste and aroma of coffee.

Our production line consists of 3 sections:
- Roasting section
- Packaging section
- Grinding section
Our production line is capable of producing more than 100 tons of coffee in a month.
In April of 2018 DISCAF has been successfully certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Food safety management ISO 22000:2007. This certificate confirms that our production line conforms to the international food safety requirements at every step of the manufacturing process – starting from purchasing green coffee beans to delivering the end-product to our clients.

Advantages of our DISCAF Roaster Line:

• Create and save your roast profiles. The roaster will generate and show a roast graph on the sensor panel with humidity and temperature values.

• With a selected roast profile the next batch will start automatically which speeds up the manufacturing process considerably. There is no need to adjust the temperature, humidity or other settings.

• We can control the roasting process from an app (on smartphone or computer) that connects to the roaster through secure channels. Our specialists guarantee constant control and keep the roasting process under systematic review.
We import raw materials from 18 countries
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