DISCAF Coffee Market

In honor of his birthday, Diskaf gives gifts

In April 2023, the company DISCAF celebrates its fifth anniversary. It was five years ago, in April, that coffee production was launched and the first shipments were made. In honor of our first anniversary at such a difficult time, we are giving away a luxury LELIT ANITA coffee machine to our customers.
Photo: History of coffee: Expansion of coffee houses

History of coffee: Expansion of coffee houses

By the beginning of the 17th century, coffee had reached the shores of Great Britain, and in 1652, the first coffee house in Europe opened in London. Pasca Rosie's establishment, however, was more like a simple counter set up in the courtyard of St. Michael's Church, a stone's throw from London's popular Cornhill district. It is believed that Rosi was born at the beginning of the 17th century in Sicily. He was a far-sighted entrepreneur, and to avoid the displeasure and accusations of the owners of nearby pubs that he was a foreigner, he took Christopher Bowman, a true Briton, as a partner. …
Photo: History of coffee

The history of coffee

The history of coffee, like all human civilization, began in Ethiopia. Surprisingly, a single discovery, accidentally made by a humble goatherd, later influenced the formation of states, revolutions and incredible scientific discoveries. Do not believe? Pour yourself a cup of good coffee and read on... By pure chance, coffee appeared in the Middle East precisely at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries, at the dawn of an amazing age of education and discovery. Perhaps the fact that over the next thousand years of the spread of coffee culture in the world (from Turkey to Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland and America), ...

Mastering the art of coffee making

Mastering the art of coffee preparation means having great knowledge in many areas of this drink. But you can start with some basics. For example, learning to ask for coffee and get exactly what you want. And maybe by doing it this way, you'll discover your new favorite way to drink coffee. We review the most famous coffees, as well as a few local favorites, to help you become the new coffee professor, with or without a nice coffee maker. Espresso Italian espresso coffee is probably the best. It is very intense, black or with cream and base...