Frozen semi-finished products from Discaf-Frost make it available without large financial investments to qualitatively expand the assortment of a store, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, attract new visitors, and significantly increase income.

Frozen baking
(bake until done)

Discaf-frost offers a wide range of ready-to-bake and ready-to-sell frozen bread, baguettes, ciabatta, buns, croissants, donuts, crescent rolls, sweet and unsweetened baked products. Our range of frozen pastries includes frozen/raw, pre-baked, ready-to-bake and defrosted products with different flavors.

Frozen baking
(without baking)

Donuts (donuts), cakes, cheesecakes and much more - no baking, just defrost. You can order all this in Ukraine from the reliable supplier Diskaf-Frost. These products will be of interest to small coffee shops, retail stores, supermarkets and the HORECA channel. For each of our clients, we provide unique service, competitive prices, and high product quality.

Oven rental

Discaf-Frost offers high-quality commercial ovens in rent for bistros, coffee shops, restaurants, shops, hotels.

Renting an oven should be considered when catering establishments have tight budget constraints or any concerns about buying an expensive commercial oven, such as the low frequency of use of the oven.

For coffee shops or bistros with considerable initial costs, it can also be difficult to buy an industrial oven at the start of work, so renting an oven for your kitchen will be a more reasonable choice.

Renting our ovens can also be more financially profitable than buying a oven for use, because it saves money on other more important equipment costs for your business.