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espresso machine

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Technical specifications:

Water tank: 2.5 l
Rotary pump
Heating element for coffee: 1400W
Heating element for steam: 1400W
Voltage: 230/240V 50Hz 120V – 60Hz

Additional information

Weight32 kg
Dimensions40 × 29 × 40 cm



coffee maker


espresso machine

A country


Water tank

2.5 liters

Stainless steel coffee boiler

800 ml

Stainless steel steam boiler

1.5 l


The coffee machine is designed for use in offices, small hotels or bars, and for home use.

2 reviews for LELIT Bianca

  1. Oleksandr

    A very high-quality machine for espresso enthusiasts. It has a great set of features that allows you to brew espresso with a long pre-soak for a light roast by adjusting the flow/pressure, easily whipping milk. It heats up quickly for the E61 group, and it looks great! Special thanks to the distributor for organizing the supply of the freshest model at a good price.

  2. Oleksandr

    First, this model of coffee maker will decorate your home (or cafe) with its beautiful classic design. I fell in love with her at first sight. The package exceeded all my expectations. 2 holders as separate works of art + 3 (!) portafilters of different capacities, on which the recommended weight of coffee is conveniently marked. A complete set for the care and cleaning of the coffee machine, including a blind portafilter. This list can be continued...
    The very process of making coffee is now a special pleasure for me. Full control over the process and many opportunities for creativity allow you to experiment and create your favorite formula for the perfect espresso.
    Before the purchase, I was worried that the coffee maker would slowly go into working mode after being turned on. In fact, in the morning when you first turn it on, it takes 15 minutes, and then, during the day, from standby mode, you can prepare an espresso in just a few minutes and up to 5-10 minutes for a good strong steam.
    The only drawback is probably the fact that I now drink twice as much coffee every day. But I think the effect of euphoria from such a qualitative change in the regular home ritual has not yet passed. The coffee maker is worth every penny. This is a dream come true.

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