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Espresso machine

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Technical data LELIT Mara PL62X:

Heat exchanger made of stainless steel A151 3161
Group type E61 with mechanical pre-infusion
The heating of the group is accelerated by the thermosiphon circulation, which is provided by the NH system with a double probe
Spring-loaded professional faucets
Setting zero on the manometer
Illuminated stainless steel on/off switch
Water tank capacity: 2.5 liters
Boiler volume: 1.8 l
Dimensions: 22 x 41 x 35 cm
Boiler heating element: 1400 W
Number of groups: 1;
Portafilter: 58 mm;
Voltage: 230 V;
Pressure: 15 bar;

Accessories included:

  • comes with a Lelit 58 tilt handle portafilter
  • a coffee dispenser, a Lelit 58 filter basket with a capacity of 9-11 g
  • a Lelit 58 filter basket with a capacity of 14-18 grams, a Lelit 58 filter basket with a capacity of 18-21 grams, a Lelit 58 blind filter basket
  • espresso cup holder, water softener filter, drain tray with grid.
  • tempera Lelit 58 made of stainless steel with a red wooden handle

Additional information

Weight32 kg
Dimensions35 × 22 × 41 cm



coffee maker


espresso machine

A country


Water tank

2.5 liters

Copper boiler with heat exchanger

1.5 l


The coffee machine is designed for use in offices, small hotels or bars, and for home use.


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