"God bless the coffee..."

We invite you to take barista training courses at the Discaf coffee factory

We are open and equally effective for everyone:
  • for students who are looking for a creative perspective job
  • for current baristas who want to really improve their level
  • for managers and heads of coffee shops who want to increase the level of their facility
  • for those who really appreciate coffee and want to show off their skills in front of friends, to please and amaze them.
Photo: We are open and equally effective for everyone
You will plunge into the Interesting world of coffee, find out why coffee is a unique product and what needs to happen for a coffee berry to turn into a drink in your cup

The "BARISTA - BASIC" course was created for:

  • obtaining an expanded understanding of what coffee is, what it is like and what are its differences. What are the differences between types, varieties, methods of processing, roasting and cooking.
  • obtaining basic practical skills of working with the basic coffee equipment of a barista - espresso machine, coffee grinder.
  • obtaining a new taste-aromatic sensory experience during cupping and espresso preparation, for a better understanding of the tastes and aromas of coffee.
  • acquiring knowledge about the process of coffee extraction and how to apply it in practice during the work of a barista.
  • gaining practical experience in working with coffee and milk, preparing basic drinks - espresso and cappuccino.

Who is suitable for:

  • For those who have never worked with coffee, but are interested in learning more about this amazing drink and preparing their first cup of espresso and cappuccino with their own hands.
  • For beginner baristas who are just starting or planning to work with coffee.
  • For baristas who already have experience, but want to improve their skills, deepen their knowledge of the product itself, and learn how to make even tastier coffee.
  • For owners of coffee shops that have already opened or are planning to open, to understand how to work with coffee, what to pay attention to and how to better control the quality of coffee drinks and the work of their baristas.

Course description "BARISTA - BASIC"

  • COFFEE - history, types, varieties, where it grows, harvesting and processing.
  • Frying Degrees and effect on taste.
  • Excursion to Dissaf coffee factory.
  • The main methods of brewing. An alternative.
  • Espresso: history, main differences, drinks based on it, terminology.
  • Basics of espresso machine construction.
  • Extraction principle: time, pressure, water, temperature, grinding, tempering.
  • Tasting, flavor descriptors, wheel of flavors.
  • Basics of working with milk.
  • Beating technique, consistency, temperature.
  • Principles of "infusion of cappuccino".
  • Dealing with common mistakes.
  • Duration of the basic course: 2 days.
  • After completing the course, a certificate is issued.

Price: 2500 UAH

The "BARISTA-PRACTICUM" course was created for:

  • In-depth understanding of the role of the barista in the perfect taste of espresso.
  • Gaining a more detailed understanding of the roasting process and its effect on the taste of the coffee bean.
  • Getting practical and clear recommendations for setting up coffee equipment.
  • Understanding the ideal dosage of ground coffee per shot of espresso.
  • Calibrating the receptors and correctly understanding the balanced espresso.
  • Basic understanding of SCA protocols.
  • Acquiring practical skills for working (correct whipping) with any milk for coffee shops.
  • Ability to create calculation maps.
  • Understanding the proper care of coffee equipment.

Who is the "BARIST-PRACTICUM" course suitable for:

  • For those who already work with coffee, but want more information about settings, taste and the process of making the perfect coffee.
  • For coffee shop owners, future owners, for the management of chain coffee shops to understand the quality taste of coffee, correct costing and maintenance of equipment.
  • For everyone who works with coffee, at the bar, has questions that are looking for answers.

Description of the "Barista-Practicum" course

  • Introduction to the coffee belt
  • Capping "Processing methods"
  • Capping "Profiles of roasting
  • Tasting and evaluation of espresso according to the protocols of the (world coffee organization) SCA
  • Familiarization with the structure of a coffee grinder and different types of knives
  • Grind settings for different coffees
  • Brew ratio work
  • Preparation of reference coffee drinks
  • Work with milk
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Duration of the basic course: 2 days.
  • After completing the course, a certificate is issued.

Price: 3500 hryvnias


Photo: Brand barista, coach ZALETSKY DANIYIL

Brand barista, trainer.
In the profession since 2010

Started with self-education.
Barista professional course at the Discaf coffee roasting factory

Work experience:
More than 10 years of work in coffee shops in Kyiv from barista to bartender.
Since 2019, a brand barista at the Discaf coffee roasting factory.
Since 2020, as a barista coach at the Discaf coffee roasting factory.

A gift certificate to a barista school from the Discaf coffee factory

The Discaf barista school is a 2-day journey into the wonderful world of coffee, where you will learn how the coffee berry turns into a magical drink.

A gift certificate to a barista school from the Discaf coffee factory

By donating a certificate to the "Discaf" barista school, you give a profession, new skills and knowledge about the world of coffee. What could be more expensive and valuable?

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