"God bless the coffee..."

We invite you to take barista training courses at the Discaf coffee factory

We are open and equally effective for everyone:
  • for students who are looking for a creative perspective job
  • for active baristas who want to really improve their level
  • for managers and heads of coffee shops who want to increase the level of their facility
  • for those who really appreciate coffee and want to show off their skills in front of friends, to please and amaze them.
Photo: We are open and equally effective for everyone
You will plunge into the Interesting world of coffee, find out why coffee is a unique product and what needs to happen for a coffee berry to turn into a drink in your cup
  • we will trace the path from the grain to the cup;
  • we will talk about the conditions of growth, harvesting of coffee berries and their processing;
  • we will look at the process of roasting coffee and discuss why it is so important for a delicious cup of coffee; we will talk about various methods and their main differences
  • we will conduct a professional degustation (Coffee cupping)
  • we will acquire the basic skills that a barista needs to work in a coffee shop
  • we will get acquainted with the device of the coffee machine and coffee grinder
  • you will learn the technique of working with milk, go through the stages of beating and getting the perfect "foam".

The course for beginner baristas is prepared in order to gain practical skills in the preparation of classic espresso and cappuccino.

We will focus on the principles of the espresso machine and the grinding settings.

We will learn the basic rules of coffee tempering and extraction, and also the technique of beating milk for cappuccino, and the basic drawings of latte art.

Course description:

  • Coffee-history, types, varieties, where it grows, harvesting and processing.
  • Roasting. Degrees and effects on taste. The wheel of tastes.
  • Excursion to the Disaf coffee factory Disaf
  • The main methods of brewing. An alternative.
  • Espresso, setting up the grinding, extraction, working with equipment.
  • History, main differences, drinks, terminology.
  • Basics of espresso machine construction.
  • Extraction principle, pressure, temperature.
  • Setting up the grinding, tempering.
  • Degustation, taste descriptors.
  • Basics of working with milk.
  • Beating technique, consistency, temperature.
  • Principles of “cappuccino infusion".
  • Basic drawings (heart, rose, tulip).
  • Duration of the basic course: 2 days.
  • After completing the course, a certificate is issued.

Price: 2500 UAH


Photo: Brand barista, coach ZALETSKY DANIYIL

Brand barista, coach.
In the profession since 2010

Started with self-education.
Professional barista course at the Discaf coffee roasting factory

Work experience:
More than 10 years of work in Kyiv 's coffee shops from barista to bar manager.
Since 2019, as a Brand barista at the Discaf coffee roasting factory.
Since 2020, as a barista coach at the Discaf coffee roasting factory.

A gift certificate to a barista school from the Discaf coffee factory

The Discaf barista school is a 2-day journey into the wonderful world of coffee, where you will learn how the coffee berry turns into a magical drink.

By donating a certificate to the Diskaf barista school, you are giving a profession, new skills and knowledge about the world of coffee. What could be more expensive and valuable?

In order to enroll in the course, you need to reserve a place.